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Why -you-no Memes?

Ahh, The story of memes, continued to make up work. I enjoy looking at net-memes. I still cannot call them actual memes due to the fact..that they are not actual memes. In my opinion, net-memes may be created with the intention of representing many cultural memes. However, net-memes have taken a  form that allows people to down play these cultural ideas. A meme is an idea that is shared within a culture. it is a piece of information that can be taken from a society. Stereotypes are the result of memes. The Corporate Glass ceiling is the result of memes. Society, gender roles, stigmas, biases, are all the result of a culture-borne idea that takes root and spreads. Net-memes are a different, and when net memes are used to represent an actually serious idea it inadvertently makes the idea ridiculous. I am writing this post to discus my favorite… net-memes. Enjoy

Meme # 1 The Pepper Spray Cop

Borrowed from johnbatchelorshow.com

So why did I pick this meme. I know I spoke about it on my last post but I actually have something to say. One of our classmates took the liberty to take officer Pike’s side and say that the students deserved to be sprayed. We all are entitled to our opinions so here is mine 🙂 These Occupy students were allowed to demonstrate. The police were not boxed in. Following the argument that the students trapped the officers, youtube posts circulated showing the spraying from all angles. The police were able to walk in and out of the crowd as they saw fit. The problem with net-memes in this situation is the fact that they allow people to take the situation lightly, or become a friggin Internet Troll. What is a net binge troll? A fool that takes the negative side in every argument to piss people off.  This meme is highlighting an important situation. Democracy is not attained by sitting on your ass and waiting for the laws to fix themselves. A true democracy is shaped by free speech and demonstration. If you abuse your right to free speech, and allow yourself to be a victim of oppression, then there is a need for people like this in a third world country. Americans will fight for their rights and you can go live with people who have no rights 🙂

for comedy relief here is an Internet Bridge troll

Meme # 2 >:) Fox….You call it news


Borrowed from knowyourmeme.com


Hey, I have to stay on topic with the cop that was just doing his job. Even reporter, Megyn Kelly , reports how childish this squabble is. She makes a scholarly analysis of pepper spray when she says, “It’s like a derivative of actual pepper. It’s a food product, essentially.” Classmates, if you are a Fox news watcher, please understand that Fox is part of a mediaopoly that pushes about 80% of our media content. They don’t care about delivering real news Even Bill O’Reilly  says, “I don’t think we have the right to Monday-morning quarterback the police. Particularly at a place like UC Davis, which is a fairly liberal campus.”… -_- Monday morning quarterback the police. I now wonder what media hit the American television back during the civil rights movement.

Meme#3 …The  Ads… All of em

Borrowed from cocoperez.com

There is someone out there thinking. This is not a meme. This is an ad. There is someone out there that understands exactly what my point is. Ads have always been the place for the old media to project memes to us. Memes that we subconsciously except because many many people are a reflection of their media. If you control mainstream media, you control your society. There was a time that the theories of Sigmund Freud made their way to the hands of advertisers. You know the hypodermic needle theory, I don’t need to elaborate. Ads are a vicious and dirty thing that need to be looked at thoroughly. And ads, look very much like net memes. The reason this happens is because gives you the impression that it is a social  tableau. Net memes imitate this form of messaging. Look at this picture. You clearly see the message, the idea, and the meme it represents. This could easily depict a white modal tossing the head of a scruffy counterpart. However, that would not fit the meme. The idea that blacks are socially inept, and unproductive. They are saying “Re-Civilize yourself, look like you give a damn” We have the right to create and publish our ideas. I am just saying that memes have the power to remove significance from an idea. A net meme is a picture. When a picture is used to tell a story, the key players and issues of the story are lost. This is why ads use this model. Ads hold the facade of a social tableau in order to show that discussion and reform are not necessary. I am done with my rant. goodbye


One of Rays Random Posts.

Here I am in class. and this post will be like an in class note session. Yes, we have a guest speaker, Sir Proff. took attendance. We must send following in email. Link to the video in youtube, two page awe inspiring paper, sent as a pdf. (note, tell girlfriend to send resume as pdf to perspective employers) Submition of our favorite blogs, and damn I have a lot of posting to do. Hey he’s dropping one blog, awesomeness. Amanda will talk, from know your meme

borrowed from chzmemebase.files.wordpress.com



Started by Richard Dawkins, a meme is a cultural idea, similar to a  stereotype. Now-a-days used in  the form of pictures and videos to pass these ideas. Amanda wants to talk about what we want to here. The World of Warcraft meme. A scripted raid where one character goes into a room and kills his whole team in world of warcraft. It ends up in Jep. (this guy “The leader” looks like the most Nerdy war general in the world. “Lerooooooooy Jenkins lol)  This looks sad …”There is a .000033 % chance of survival”


So we talk of meme as and the story that everyday is “caturday” Meme creators may never be successful….sad story.  Marketing goes viral. The Old Spice guys. Chuck testa vs Chuck Norris, sad stuff.  Sorry readers, memes are sad to me, but they are a small piece of our free speech. Sorry if my post is all over the place, I’m listening to Amanda.


Jessie Slaughter – The sad story of the girl that wants to pop glocks and her father threatens to backtrack people and call the  cyber police

OK…we just watched the cop spraying the students. Someone in the back says the group of sitting students, deserved to be sprayed because the cops gave warnings to the peacefully seated students. Peacefully seated students….they supposedly deserved to be pepper sprayed. This is one of the consequences of memes. People see these memes and don’t take them seriously and try to find reasons why the event behind the meme isn’t serious either. There was a moment in history that blacks protested and faced the same if not worse fates.. If  the civil rights movement were memed, what would be the result. Would students have seen those events like the brother in the back of the room. In protest, it is within our rights to demonstrate in this form.  This video was upsetting and the police should not be allowed to continue their work. That is just my opinion. That is all.





What do I need to catch up on…err.. A LOT

Well we are told to make this 200 word post on the things we shall be catching up on. I am a firm believer in Quality vs Quantity (as a management minor) so I will be catching up on a few posts that could be entertaining to readers. I am ready to type!!


You  know guys…my next paycheck needs to pat for a used Laptop. I am planning to join up with a gaming journalism project that includes our Proff. That is awesome! anyway I’ll have to knock out my make-up posts now that I am cought up with my other semester work. This fall has been crazy. First my computer crashed, killing all of my notes which were not handwritten… Then I have to catch up with my readings all over again, almost abandoning my blog posts. It was a heck of a ride. As I said, it is all part of being a college student. I am 25 years old. I live in a constant conflict between the student life, and the adult life. I pay bills, support my lady, work, and also have to study. It seems like an easy life to live when you are 18 years old, and collect a 2,500 dollar refund check every semester you are in college. However, life hits you hard and you have to handle it. School is actually the most important part of this double life. School and the ability to create a network. There are 45,000 Rutgers Students . At least 5 to 10,000 of those students could be the link to sucess. No pressure, no stress, just a little text for your minds fellow classmates.

The Late (But also great) Blogger, and the Darkchatter creation

It is a known that I was slightly derailed by the destruction of my laptop. However, that is no excuse in a class that is devoted to the creation of Strategic presentations, and blogging. Team  Darkchatter is Putting together it’s movie, and I am the semi host lol. Well there is no need to discuss what we will use. Instead I can talk about  the resources we are using. I recorded a good friend of mine playing “black magic woman on his acoustic guitar for our intro. Creative commons was not a great place to look for media. The songs were horrible and we could only grab and use a hip hop song that I utterly refuse to play on my blog. (As comical and mini this blog is, I will not taint it with bad music) So instead I would like to play “Black Magic Woman”

I chose this for my intro music just to lead people into our video. The video is essentially comical so the music gives the video the feel that it is an educational video until I clap, and the music stops. We only aim to break down the assumption that a library is a place for geeks.  We wanted to basically let these kids know that we like to be at libraries and they can be a place to meet people and feel comfortable. I would like to be open and say that although we are trying to break the stigma, we did have situations where we felt put off. We had a skit where students were playing call of duty in the library and we were told that middle school kids can’t play the game period…My brother just graduated middle school, and he can trash me in call of duty. We also created a scene where a student makes a friend and offers him an Chicken nugget in the library. The scene is so obviously sarcastic, yet we were told “students can’t have food in a library” …….

Borrowed from spot.com

Borrowed from spot.com

I apologize for that… Anyway that is the current newsflash about the Darkchatter production and the media we plan to use. We will not paste the retarded Garfield into the movie, sorry.

Oh Hellz No. The hell of being a broke College Student

Hello friends…My laptop crashed. My podcastings, notes, projects, photoshopped drawings, life, love, and everything is floating in a Limbo of memory in a dead shell of an HP laptop.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, if you would imagine, I am quite upset. I will get up with my DarkChatter members, I am drawing the necessary things we need to get our project going. As of now I am looking on Craigslist for a replacement laptop until I get this crap fixed. I will brb you guys, This ISN’T over!!

Meeting with the DarkChatter group

So the members of DarkChatter have met and now prepare to create something to make the kiddies want to read or even attend a library. exilerating…I plan to draw out the Storyboard. This is my type of thing and I am sure I can put something great together. We are creating our plans for “what not to do in a Library, video.”

Scene A “Intoduction, Scene B sleeping guy, Scene C Screencast, Scene D: “what not to do in a Library”

The link to the awesomest of awesomeness….looking back at Midterm season -__-

I would like to say that midterms officially trashed me. I am still above water, have decent grades. Yet I am exited to see what this next midterm is about in strategic presentation. This class has taught me quite a bit and I am just happy to be here. although it sucks that I am in a laptop crisis. One thing that is guaranteed about being a college student is the fact that you will run into these setbacks that make you want to punch an elephant…yes, an elephant…and Run.

As you can see, I started this post before I started my midterm. That is how I was feeling in preparation for this assignment. I feel good coming out of it. Prolificartistry looks decent and I want to continue updating it. My homage to Mario was a pretty cool touch. If you didnt read My page, I hope you check it out and give me some ideas about the next artwork I feature.

Borrowed from Zeldainformer.com

Borrowed from zeldainformer.com

Anyway I would like to just rant a bit about bootlegging programs to complete the assignments is not a good idea. I used to be resistant about Macs for the longest. I would refuse to allow a brand to restrain me from expressing myself artistically. Therefore, I stuck to my PC…and made the job of artistic expression ten times harder. I became so upset at Macs I found myself cold and unsympathetic upon hearing the news about the passing of Mac’s top man. Sorry friends, that is just how I felt. I am not a fan of Media-opolys. I dont like that a peice of technology could hold on to exclusive perks to manipulate people. Macs draw in artists because of programs that could easily be sold to and uploaded onto PCs. However, for the sake of business and money, Macs hold the exclusive rights to these programs, Bullshit.

Enough of that stuff, let us get back to the star of my blog, Prolificartistry, Mario.  I just felt that in order to hit at home for some viewers, I should have a blog that anyone in any class could understand and be interested in. and at the same time I wanted a blog that would be different and would catch my attention. I hope you all enjoy, peace out

Brawl Mario

Borrowed from walyou.com